Where the iron and viking age meet


Discover living history in a village that shows life as it was in the Iron age and Viking times. At Odins Odense you can experience what life was like at the time where the Iron age gave rise to Vikings!



Low Season

Adults                                          40kr.

Children (6-14)                           20kr.


High Season

Adults                                          60kr.

Children (6-14)                            30kr.

Opening hours 2017.

Low Season

1. Mar. – 7. Apr. & 23. Oct. – 17. Dec.

Monday – Thursday 10:00-14:00


High Season

8. Apr. – 22. Oct.

Saturday – Thursday 10:00-16:00

Where are we?

Store Klaus 40,

5270 Odense N, Denmark

Get directions

Odins Odense is situated only 5 km from the center of Odense.

You can come here by car, bike or bus (only 350 m from the busstop).

Next event:

Viking Jól

The Vikings gather in the big halls and eat off the harvest and the pigs of the year, make “Brage Skål” and drink the new year in with the village’s finest mead when they gather for Jólefest in the small village.

See you in Odins Odense – Store Klaus 40

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The existence of Odins Odense depends on the support of our community, please check what you can do to make sure this place is preserved for generations to come!

Vacation in the Iron age village

Would you like to try a different kind of vacation? Here you can experience the history of Denmark with all the senses and get a feel for how life was 2000 years ago.

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Group visits

Hear about life in the Iron Age – you will be guided around the village and dive into all the good stories that the village has to share.

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School trips

In the reconstructed Iron Age village of Odin Odense, we provide inclusive activities and vibrant teaching in ancient Denmark.

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